Welcome To The Cook Dinner Islands Herald

Feb 18, 2022

Well they have a Deputy Speaker don’t they? Also hopping aboard the plane was the PM. That’s why parliament was adjourned early chooks. So the MPs could go to the airport to farewell the team and the PM.

Most active MP, running, passing, leaping, diving, falling,-Wilkie Rasmussen. MP more than likely to be elsewhere eg Court-Big Norm. Big Red has been alerted that the former skipper of our famous staff “SOE” was seen back on the rock the other day.

Get the traps out and get back to nature the way in which it was before people interfered with it. The two Mirage https://www.thairath.co.th/tags/ทางเข้าdafabet สมัครสมาชิกใหม่【UFA09.NET】ฝาก500รับ600【LINEID:@UFA09】 Directors are indeed a “mirage! ” How are you capable to go into someone else’s nation and begin a mega project that is going to radically alter that country’s GDP and do all this without any public relations strategy? Where are the media conferences? Perhaps they https://www.thairath.co.th/search/หวย แม่ จํา เนียร งวด นี้【UFA09.NET】ฝาก500รับ600【LINEID:@UFA09】 are taking their cue from Chair Fierney? At least the previous developer saved the public informed with media releases and invitations to media conferences with a cuppa and a bikkie or two.

At least the children will get a good meal! 500 to be catered https://www.thairath.co.th/tags/huc99 สมัครสมาชิกใหม่【UFA09.NET】ฝาก500รับ600【LINEID:@UFA09】 by T&M Heather and 500 by the Atiu folks Big Red hears. Who’s educating the kids the way to catch fish?

A new, regionally owned fishing vessel is on the horizon! https://www.thairath.co.th/search/ผล บอล สด thscore vip【UFA09.NET】ฝาก500รับ600【LINEID:@UFA09】 Here’s an concept for political reform chooks! Reduce the number of MPs by process of elimination over a period of five weeks by working a “Political Idol” competition! Each week, after counting up text messages, the 2 lowest scoring MPs may be eradicated.

Bonny Prince Willie must be invited to open the model new building and mate Kate should be presented with another TAV costume. The Chinese Navy could flip as a lot as exhibit their new plane carrier and do a fly past while the sailors march downtown. The PM could sing a track and the Tourism Minister might break into a little jig. Most silent MP-J Marurai/ W Pickering joint winners. MP more than likely to https://www.thairath.co.th/search/โหลด เกม pc 2018【UFA09.NET】ฝาก500รับ600【LINEID:@UFA09】 not declare he is standing-Vavia.

Perhaps what is required is a “poop” tax. This is justified on the grounds that the primary poop carried out by a tourist is of substances ingested prior to arrival. The gnomes at MFEM plan to concern the Economic Update report bang on 31 December! What use is that to the media when the next 4 days are public holidays? The legislation requires the replace to be issued BY the 31 December not bang on the 31! If MFEM can’t learn the supply properly what hope the precise report?

Our much traveled politicians have succumbed to a thriller virus! But not to fear, it’s treatable. With our flesh pressers traveling regularly primarily in enterprise or economic system class, two varieties have been discovered, Travel-buga-risus Class-Biz-ni-situs and Travel- buga-risus Class E-cono-meesus. However, the PM has been stricken with a third and powerful strand, much more virulent than the other two, “Travel-buga-risis-777.” The cure?

If that is the fee, then we could as properly persist with diesel-it’s cheaper! In any case, diesel will proceed to price us money! Chooks, our government might have set aside airfares for 5 different artists to characterize us on the Pacific Arts Festival in Honiara, to place that side of our tradition into perspective. But all this complaining about not being represented is a load of bull frog doo dah! Our vaka and its crew were there.

More particulars are rising about the CIP’s child Bonus. Seems it could be within the type of vouchers and not straight out money. From which shops will these vouchers be redeemable? The Demos have had apply subsidizing Air NZ so it’s just a short step to subsidizing retailers. Next it could be well being care by vouchers. To mark the official opening of the upgraded Mangaian harbour why not arrange a “Round the Cook Islands” yacht race to begin out and finish at Mangaia with one stop-over allowed at Penrhyn.

And all of the talk of the fellow’s corporations shutting down. When enterprise is concluded, you shut the company down and move on. That can additionally be a pure event on the earth of builders as one native developer will tell you. In June you could be eating an Asian delicacy surrounded by bamboo!